A made in Italy and Tuscany with quality, reliability and tradition since 1989. 

Oromax, snc, was founded in 1989 building on 60 years of generational experience in excellent goldsmith and jewelry design and production. We proudly see our contemporary work to continue the tradition of ancient gold making art of the Etruscans from Tuscany. 

We are located in Arezzo, the birthplace of Michelangelo and many other artists and innovators of the Renaissance.

Our multi-family company proudly presents a made in Italy with exceptional quality, reliability & tradition. In the last 30 years of business, Oromax snc, has greatly expanded its collections, increased its quality products, and extended its commercial reach to numerous wholesale clients in more than 20 countries.


We offer a wide variety of quality solid and hollow gold chain necklaces from 22K to 9K.

Precious Quality: The exceptional quality of our products are thanks to the quality of selected materials and, most of all, for the carefully monitored production process. Our quality is evident in the two-color (white-yellow) chains made from specifically prepared colored and mounted alloys beyond superficial rhodium applications. This helps makes the color of our products extremely durable and consistent through wear. The quality of our products is evident in their nickel-free characteristics or within the high standards of the European Union for allergy-free jewelry.

Product Variety: We produce a wide variety of solid and hollow gold chains items from less than 1 gram to more than 500 grams. Our products represent various gold fineness with carefully selected alloys from 22K (916) to 9K (375). Our hallmark product is 18K (750) with various items available right away. Specific Karats and models require orders with minimum of 300 grams per model and with an estimated delivery of 30 days or less. We specialize in various chain typology including grumetta (GRU), figaro (FIG), forzatina (FRZ), traversino-gucci (TRV), ottini (OTT), occhio-tigre (OTR), occhio-pernice (OPR), lumachina (LUM), accoppiate (ACC), and vuoto-mano (VMN).